Mar 03

Challengers Can’t Get Revenge

By Mitchel Guy, Sports Reporter

The Challengers Men’s basketball team fell to the conference leading Lakeland Lakers 72-59 last Wednesday in Kirtland. This was the second meeting between the two teams and once again The Lakers walked away victorious. The first game was clouded by the controversy of an altercation on the court that would lead to a series of technical fouls called, which would eventually lead to the Challengers losing.

Those circumstances made this game mean more than the typical contest to each team. The Challengers let the first one get away from them due to a lack of self-restraint by starting guard Isaiah Bennet who threw a punch at Lakeland’s Montell Goodwin. However, before the altercation, The Challengers held a considerable lead for most of the game. They came out with a chip on their shoulder the second time around to say the least. “Guys came out, giving a maximum defensive effort,” said Coach Duncan. It was a battle in the first half as the teams looked evenly matched.

The second half though, was a completely different story. All of the things that had been working for the Challengers all season simply could not happen. The 3-point shot has been one of the strongest areas for this team this year but on this night they would not fall. The Challengers shot less than 15 percent from deep.

The opening tip of the anticipated rematch against Lakeland Community College Feb. 18 Photo by Mitchel Guy

The opening tip of the anticipated rematch against Lakeland Community College Feb. 18 Photo by Mitchel Guy

The Lakers were able to take Tri-C’s leading scorer Robert Fomby almost entirely out of the game. Fomby was being defended primarily by Lakeland star Mike Davis. This was a letdown for the boys heading into the end of the season. Despite the score, Duncan felt his team was on the cusp of overcoming the conference’s best team. “It was almost there, if we could have taken it up two more notches, it was almost there.
The Challengers were able to follow up that loss with a 70-64 win at Sinclair. There is one game remaining in the regular season before conference tournament play begins. The Challengers will host Sinclair in the first round of the tournament on March 3rd.

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Feb 23

Student Profile: Aswan Harris

By Darryl Maddox
Voice Staff Writer

Aswan photo

   Meet Aswan Harris, a student in a sea of many who attends Tri – C Metro Campus. What makes Harris stand out from the rest of the students is, he has made his way into Hollywood, a place that only few become successful at an acting career.
    Aswan has climbed the acting ladder appearing in his newest film With This Ring alongside A –list stars like Jill Scott, Regina Hall, and Brooklyn Sudano. Harris was asked if there were any challenges in the role he played in his current film? He said “There weren’t any challenging situations the only thing was the scheduling, it was it was a little challenging but that wasn’t a real problem. Harris also said, “That the chemistry was great from actor to actor.
    Harris in a surprised tone said “The stars actually followed his guidance and suggestions on the set”. Harris says in 3-5 years he sees himself still acting or holding a position behind the camera. “As long as I am around the business doing things” says Harris. Proof positive that Tri – C is where futures begin.
    Harris has also co- stared alongside Kevin Costner in Draft Day and had a minor role in Marvel’s Captain America The Winter Soldier.


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Feb 23

Challengers Look for Fresh Start as Spring Training Begins

By Robert Fenbers
Sports Editor

Ron Mottl Field is covered in a snowy mess right now – some might say that is what the team was last year, a mess.

This year brings much change to the Tri-C baseball team: new head coach, coaching staff and a total of 6 returning players. The Challengers finished last season at 12-21, plagued by chemistry issues and internal issues between the coach and players, which caused numerous players to leave the team. This was a huge setback for their talented roster.

Enter new head coach Evan Agona, who brings a plethora of success and talent in his coaching staff. Agona knows the task at hand is difficult due to the large turnover from last season. “I think the first thing with the new guys and the transition is getting their trust,” says Agona. He stresses the importance of these few months leading up to the season “This is a big time to work on our skills, trying to get guys’ arms in shape and legs in shape.”

Though it’s early, Coach Agona feels that the strength of his team is his infield and the depth they have at that position. Pitching seems to be lacking due to injuries and will be a main focus this off-season from pitching coach Bob Merritt. “I want to take each one of the players wherever they are at right now and just make them better every day,” says Merritt, who enjoyed success last year with Baldwin Wallace University, as they made their first ever appearance in the College World Series. The team has been working on strength and conditioning since October, which has also allowed the teammates to come together and bond during the off-season.

In just the few short practices they have had with Coach Agona and his staff, the team seems to be buying into his philosophy. “They have been down that road, they know what they’re doing. We are ready for it, we are ready for a challenge,” says second year-third baseman/pitcher Michael Poole who already sees the difference in chemistry from last season. First baseman Jared Purdy agrees, “It’s a total new environment this year with everything. There is a lot of respect this year, give and take. With coach, he respects us a lot, we respect him obviously, and it makes us feel comfortable.”

The Challengers begin spring training with a fresh start and a coach’s philosophy based on past success. Even though the season is still a month away, they will face a tough opponent this off-season that will likely define their season; an opponent that defeated them last season. That opponent is trust and chemistry.

The Challengers first game will be on March 7th 2015 be against Catawba Valley Community College (NC) 1:00pm at Hickory, NC.

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Feb 23

The Heart of the Matter

Catrina Leone

Catrina Leone

By Catrina Leone
Illustration by Roger San Juan

When you’re living with a chronic condition, it’s hard not to put an expiration date on your life. I’m Catrina Leone and this is my story.

Some may be wondering what triggered me to title this article “The Heart of the Matter.” I can say it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day or romance, but more to do with the quality of life. They say life is short, something we need to not take for granted. I am 22 years old, a college student, and a girl with a hole in her heart. Being born 2 and a half months premature was hard on my whole family, as my mom’s life and mine hung in the balance. It is important to note that I lived a seemingly normal childhood, one that involved nap time, beanie babies, backstreet boys, Barbie’s, and volleyball. All of which included yearly trips to my heart doctor. I did not have many restrictions on what I could and could not do. It’s like the hole in my heart wasn’t really there…but it was.

“You should find a boy to fill the hole in your heart.” That was a statement I heard frequently, it would take more than an emotional connection to fix it, believe me. I am a miracle baby to some, an inspiration to others, but to me, faith moves mountains, and I needed that faith that fateful day in November of 2014 when I found out my heart valve was leaking.

For those who know someone living with chronic conditions like Chron’s Disease, Tourette’s disorder, etc., you know first- hand how hard it can be. How do you help? What do you do when it takes a turn for the worst? You have to be there for them, always. When my cardiologist told my mom and I that my mitral valve was leaking, I had to ask him if he was kidding. Then, I found myself evaluating my life, wondering if it was my fault. That is one thing not to do; it is not your fault…at all.

After crying my heart out, I made the choice to not let my heart condition define me. I will define it. I will defy the odds. Am I afraid? Yes. Do I let that fear control my life? No. Life is a precious gift I do not intend to waste, and through my story, I hope you choose not to either. I am living proof.

Illustration by Roger San Juan, West Campus staff artist.

Illustration by Roger San Juan, West Campus staff artist.

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Feb 23

Lady Challengers Scratch and Claw Their Way to Victory

By Robert Fenbers
Sports Editor

Playing down to competition has been a common occurrence all season for the Challengers. It was almost their undoing yet again.

Perhaps an ominous sign that this game against Lorain County Community College was going to be a tough one – the team bus broke down on the way to the game. After about a 30 minute delay, the game was underway. Coming into this contest both teams had losing streaks including LCCC’s 12 game losing streak.

The Commodore’s Lorain County Community College held their own against Tri-C for the first half. It was a gutsy performance by guard Onyx Lopez and forward Gabby Woods, who seemed to carry their team.

On a night when both teams struggled to score, Tashanae Duncan had 9 Points, 4 Rebounds and 3 steals. “This game was very important because we are trying to go to the postseason,” said Duncan. She along with Keri Hill came up with timely baskets all game that seemed to take away the moment just as it seemed LCCC was going to take the lead.

Donnae Waters and Lauren Harris added a combined 24 rebounds, as the Lady Challengers outrebounded the Commodores 51-34.

The game came down to the wire and eventually the Challengers wore down the Commodores with defense and forced them into numerous turnovers, including 13 from Onyx Lopez and 30 overall for the Commodores.

Nnena Adiqwe takes a shot under the basket in a closely contested game against Lorain County Community College Feb.11 Photo By Robert Fenbers

Nnena Adiqwe takes a shot under the basket in a closely contested game against Lorain County Community College Feb.11 Photo By Robert Fenbers

Some might say the Challengers are better than their record. After the game Hill spoke of how the team let some games get away from them this season, “Some of the teams outhustled us, a lot of the games we were in them until the end and we let the slip away.”

This was a crucial win for the Challengers, improving their record to 7-12 as they continue to fight for a spot in the postseason.

All stats courtesy of OCCAC.ORG

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Feb 23

Challengers Overcome Bench Drama

By Mitchel Guy
Sports Reporter

The Challengers took out the Commodores of Lorain Community College 96-70 last Wednesday in Elyria despite a fight between two players on the bench. The last time these two teams met it was a blowout in Tri-C’s favor. Expectations were high coming into this contest between conference rivals.

The Commodores came out swinging early and it looked like this game would be much closer than their first meeting. Ultimately, The Challengers’ size advantage was too much for Lorain as they out rebounded them 49-33. Starter Robert Fomby was a big part of that, pulling down 17 boards on his own.

Fomby was able to put together another strong performance despite suffering a rib injury early in the first half. Fomby left the game momentarily and it did not look like he would be able to return. At one point, he was lying on the sidelines wincing in pain. However, despite his injury, Fomby was able to return and continue to contribute. After the game Fomby said, “I know I’m a key part of the team, I wanted to do whatever I could to help.”

The Challengers had three players with over 20 points. Point Guard Cairo Brown led the team with 22. Robert Fomby and Marquis Jackson each added 21.The Commodores ran out of energy in the second half and fell behind as much as 29 points.

The opening tip between Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College on Feb. 11 Photo by Mitchel Guy

The opening tip between Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College on Feb. 11
Photo by Mitchel Guy

The Challengers were able to stay focused in the second half even after a fight broke out between two teammates midway through the third quarter. Connor Mabry, who sat out this game due to injury, was attacked by reserve Gary Brun. The two got tangled up on the bench, knocking over a table. Gary Brun was being restrained and threw the person who was holding him back to the ground. There is no certainty as to why the two were fighting but Coach Michael Duncan made it clear that the team needs to get straightened out. Duncan said “We’ve got to make some adjustments, we’ve got to get rid of some guys, we’ve got to sit some guys down and talk to them.” The drama continues for The Challengers in what has already been a season full of adversity.

The Challengers followed up this one with a loss to Cincinnati State that came down to the final possession. There are three games left in the regular season. Their next contest is a rematch with The Lakers of Lakeland Community College in Kirtland. The first meeting between the two was an emotional battle that resulted in a controversial loss for Tri-C. Discipline will be important if the team wants to end the season on a strong note.

Robert Fenbers Contributed to this Report. All stats courtesy of

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Feb 18

Depleted Challengers Fall to Owens

By Mitchel Guy Sports Writer

The Challengers lost 81-67 Wednesday night to the Owens Community College Express. The Express were in third place in the conference coming into this contest. The Challengers did not show up ready to play in this game. Afterwards, Coach Michael Duncan said “I think, right now, we lack leadership.” No one was able to get the team fired up for this critical conference matchup, which could have put the Challengers into second place with a win.

The team was limited to an eight man roster for the game due to the recent suspensions of Isaiah Bennet, Darrell Parker, and Jalen Stewart. The boys looked tired. This may be attributed to the amount of minutes everyone had to play in these last two games to pick up the slack for their missing teammates.

It was a poor shooting night by the team, highlighted by an atrocious 1 for 17 performance by freshman Brett Thomas. However, they were once again strong from deep by shooting 50 percent on 16 3-point attempts .The Challengers could not come up with an answer for Darren Groves, who came off the Owens bench and scored a team-high 25 points.

Robert Fomby drives in for a contested basket against Owens. Community College Feb.4 Photo by Mitchel Guy

Robert Fomby drives in for a contested basket against Owens. Community College Feb.4 Photo by Kelvin Fleming

Challengers point guard Cairo Brown elected not to participate in postgame interviews, clearly frustrated at the team’s dismal performance.

The only bright spot of this game for The Challengers was another strong performance by starter Robert Fomby. He led all scorers with 29 points while securing 14 boards, again proving that he is one of the top players in the conference. He is currently averaging over 21 points a game to go along with nearly 12 rebounds a game in conference play.

The three suspended players returned for the following game against Columbus State. With the line-up at full strength, The Challengers were able to bounce back to win 77-70. The end of the season is nearing and it is important that the boy start clicking before tournament play.

All stats courtesy of

Robert Fenbers contributed to this report.

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Feb 17

New Year, New Semester

By Catherine Cesa, Staff Reporter

Spring 2015 has arrived with a lot of happiness and excitement, but at the same time with worries for the new classes, new friends, new professors, and new goals.

Most students let their attitudes and behaviors set limits on their accomplishments. But everyone can accomplish anything if you are tough on yourself.

”For every class that you take, have a positive attitude,” said Janice Schwieterman, professor of ESL.
”You must come to class and participate. Also, you should have for every class a study plan and keep all your papers and notes organized and it will be easier to study.” said Julie Jindra, professor of ESL.

Students attending class                                                                        January 15th, 2015                                                               Photo by Catherine Cesa

Students attending class
January 15th, 2015
Photo by Catherine Cesa

Tri-C has a lot of free services for students such as TRIO, the writing center and tutoring in the Testing Center and Smart thinking. Students can use them at anytime on all campuses. ”Go to tutoring as soon as you need help before you fall behind,” said Jindra and Golden.

Stay calm, you are going to do fine this semester and everything will be all right if you, ”Pay attention to your professors. Do not be afraid to ask for help, opinions or suggestions from your professors or tutors because they are there to help you,” said Schwieterman.

Students listening to the professor 	                  January 14th, 2015                                                    Photo taken by Catherine Cesa

Students listening to the professor
January 14th, 2015
Photo taken by Catherine Cesa

To success, to achieve or to accomplish something it doesn’t happen by magic. It comes by not giving up. ” Success is difficult because nothing in this life is easy,” said Marisela Rodriguez, student from Western Campus.

”Spring 2015 is now in full swing,” said Counselor Francine Golden.
Good Luck during this semester!

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Feb 16

Corrections for February 16

Samantha Posey, East campus counselor.

Samantha Posey, East campus counselor.

In our February 16, 2015 issue of The Voice, counselor Samantha Posey was mistakenly referred to as Cassandra Harris-Williams in her photo. We apologize for the mistake.

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Feb 13

Minds of Creative Arts Open Mic Photo Gallery

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