Statement From Dr. Craig Foltin Concerning Tri-C’s Background Check Policy

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This statement was released Oct. 29, by Dr. Craig Foltin, executive vice president of administration and finance at Cuyahoga Community College:

Dr. Craig Foltin, executive vice president of administration and finance at Cuyahoga Community College. Photo courtesy of
“Cuyahoga Community College remains committed to our open-door policy and our philosophy of creating opportunities for students who might not otherwise have them. We help students remove barriers to getting an education and finding a job. The College is a leader in helping ex-offenders transition into the workforce, and re-entry opportunities should include Tri-C employment for students who have demonstrated that they have rehabilitated themselves and are leading productive lives.

As you know, we are re-evaluating the College employment policy for student workers. The policy is not
a problem, just the way that it was implemented.

We are looking at how other universities and colleges handle similar situations. It is critical to protect our students, faculty and staff by doing criminal background checks and screening for drug usage. Past criminal conduct helps us determine whether or not a person is fit for a job at the College.

It is also important to give individuals who have demonstrated that they are living lawful and productive lives the opportunity to re-enter the workforce. At Tri-C, each student job applicant will be reviewed on an individual basis. If past criminal conduct turns up, the decision to hire or not hire will take many factors into consideration, including whether a student is living a productive life.”

In the next issue of The Voice, publishing on Nov. 5, student government members have discussed the background check policy and are requesting a meeting with College President Jerry Sue Thornton. In print, and online, The Voice promises team coverage regarding this issue.

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