Opinion: Without a Trace!

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By J.C. Robinson
Metro Staff Reporter

“Hello this is the missing persons department. How may I help you?”
“Yes, I would like to file a missing person’s report.”
“Ok let me ask you a question. When was the last time you saw these people?”
“I am positive it was the day when school refund checks came out.”

One day while pulling into the Tri-C Metro Campus parking lot, I noticed I was able to get a good parking spot. For some reason that leaves me to wonder… Why? Why do students vanish without a trace when financial aid refund checks are disbursed?

I went searching for answers, but thinking to myself: “Is there really an answer to this question?”

The response that I got from other students on this subject were pretty much the same.“They feel that money is going to last them, or some just sign-up for school just to get that refund money.”

My grandmother, who always spoke about money and foolishness would say, “A fool and his money shall depart soon.” But my favorite line that she never told me, “Don’t be penny-wise anddollar-foolish.”

Tri-C students, did you know that in today’s ever so tough job economy, a job applicant will needmore than a high school diploma to get a good job, or even get hired to do the most non-thinking job? No refund check should make students stop coming to get that furthering of education that they will definitely need in the future.

While I was watching television the other day, there was a show called, Where are They Now.The show gives viewers an inside look into the lives of those who were on top at one time or another.

For those Tri-C students who vanished without a trace; it would probably be a good idea to see, “Where and How” they doing now; after taking the money, and ran off with no degree.

However, this may be labeled as a cold case. But, the trail and trace of those students can be tracked back to the State of Ohio: the number of people depending on government benefits.

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