Third Slot and Movin’ On Up at the OCCA Conference

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By Brittany Bosowski, East Assistant Editor-in-Chief

As we are reaching the end of the Women’s Basketball season, the players have continued to thrive under the direction of Head Coach Derrick Williams. When Coach Williams took over the position seven years ago, the team had only won three games in six years.

“I live in Highland Hills on the next corner, so I have a vested interest in rebuilding this program,” Coach Williams said during a one-on-one interview Friday. “When you go from second to last to the top three teams in the conference in one year; the turnaround is tremendous.”

With the Ohio Community College Athletic Conference Playoffs underway and the quarter finals next week, the anticipation and the excitement is through the roof. Tri-C currently stands at 9-4 for the conference with an overall 15-11. But with Owens taking the number one spot at 12-0 and Cincinnati State at 10-3, the OCCAC finals will definitely be the game to see this season.

When asked how he feels about the competition for the upcoming tournament game against either Lakeland or Edison, Coach Williams replied, “We’ll beat either one of them”.

Supporting a team is a key part of any athletic program, and the players here definitely have it.

“The girls have worked really hard for this and they really came together; the ladies are doing great” said Bridgette Weems, Unit Operation Specialist II.

The coaches’ and athletic department’s dedication has paid off and the work the players have put in this year has allowed them to come together as a team.

“This season has been a bumpy road…we’ve overcome a lot of problems and have really grown on one another,” Tashanae Duncan, a sophomore guard said.

As a team, the players have continued to do their part in making Tri-C proud and now it’s our turn to return the favor.

“Come to the game and support the kids…absolutely,” Coach Williams stated. Come show your support Tuesday, March 1st for the OCCA Conference Quarter Finals here at Eastern Campus.

“We were born for this and we’re ready to make history,” exclaimed freshman guard Ja’Lynn Starks, as her fellow teammates beamed with pride in agreement.

Go Lady Challengers!!!

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