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BY: Tracy Hudson, Metro Editor-in-Chief

The RNC theme for Monday was Make America Safe Again. The Cleveland Police Department along with law enforcement from across America did an excellent job securing the RNC to make sure everyone there was safe.

The atmosphere was friendly and had an awesome vibe. The presence of the officers enabled the city to relax. People were smiling, laughing, talking with each other while enjoying the convention.

The streets were filled with people enjoying the outdoor seating area restaurants and enjoying whatever they were drinking from their glasses. It was obvious everyone felt safe and welcomed.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams was in attendance making sure the event went as planned. He was enjoying the event while talking with people at the convention. He told the world the City of Cleveland was prepared for it all.

“I wanted to make sure the Republican National Convention would not be disrupted by violence,” said Chief Williams. “I want my presence to show and prove to everybody the RNC is safe.”

MSNBC and NBC were broadcasting live from East 4th Street. Also, there was a media frenzy recording all the events from the RNC from every direction in downtown Cleveland.

Trump supporters and protesters exercised their First Amendment rights without violence being a factor. Day 1 of the RNC was a good day.

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