It is OK to ASK for HELP

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By: Tammy Merritt, West Staff Writer


Life can be challenging, confusing and tiresome with all its joys, pain, lessons and triumph. When one falls down, one must get back up. Throughout life there is sowing and there is reaping what you sow. Now what falls in the center of it all is being human, living and making mistakes along the way. While on this Ferris wheel of life and walking through this maze called existence, it becomes apparent that being human is a constant growing process, from trials and tribulations to successes and failures and these are all OK.

Throughout the course of life, many will have experiences in which they must endure. There is no right or wrong way, nor is there a time frame to deal with a loss or pain. There will inevitably be ups and downs, along with moments of happiness, peace, and joy. However, there is the matter of letting others in life help get through it all. Oftentimes, many will choose to hide behind a facade. Pride has been the fall of many, and it will surely stand in the way of realizing the amount of compassion most people have to others plights. Regardless of where a person is or what they may be facing, it is important to remember that it’s OK to be human.

Control is another obstacle of humanity and it is mostly an illusion. No one has the ability to determine what will happen tomorrow or even the next hour. However, throwing caution to the wind can also be just as destructive as believing one is in control. Believing in one’s self is paramount, but having the wherewithal to ask for help when disaster strikes is just as prevalent. While many can handle a multitude of situations by themselves, conceding that they might be handled better or with greater ease with a support system is OK.

Then there’s the stigma surrounding the idea of counseling. Counseling is simply talking about a problem to get a different perspective and perhaps find a better manner of coping, which is OK. Getting a different point of view can often lead to revelations that are so important to personal growth, it does not make anyone less of a human being. What it will do is display humanity, a willingness to be better.

Life is a shared journey, with many parts making up a whole. Don’t be afraid to check in on one another and leave the judgment behind. Everyone deals with things in their own way, but it’s important to remember that it is OK to be human and experience life in its entirety. It is OK to ask for help.



Aleicia Conner

Psychology Major


Shares her views as a student and former participant:

“I think asking for help and talking about these things that are a part of life is very important and key to a prosperous life. I also believe counseling is very informative and it gives you ways to deal with stress and life’s situations. Receiving counseling, asking for help and talking about the things we deal with in life is underrated; a lot of people think mental issues or dramatic experiences have to be the cause for receiving counseling. That’s not always the case it can also be the things that have us feeling good, left with mixed emotions or no feelings at all that we may need help in learning how to address. Relationships, family and friendship building, having a support system, these are just a few of the benefits and it is OK”


Lisa G. Belcher-Nelson, M. S. Ed

Counselor/Assistant Professor

Counseling & Psychological Services Department

Cuyahoga Community College-Western Campus


Shares her views from a professional perspective:

“Too often we operate hiding behind a mask that makes us look confident and powerful. The truth is, we suffer quietly because we do not know how to reach out for help. If given the chance, active participation in counseling, can provide an avenue to face the emotional struggles that burden us. Help is available, and it is OK to get it!”

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