Black Panther Movie Review

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By Josh Singh and Daniela Cacho

‘’Marvel’s newest film Black Panther is groundbreaking, because it doesn’t just break the mold of a normal superhero film; it separates itself from most movies with a mainly black cast where it doesn’t have stereotypical characters and throwaway scenes with no purpose. Every scene in Black Panther is either expanding on a character’s personality or furthering the narrative.

The cast in this film is very fleshed out and not just cookie-cut molds of the same character. What really stole the show was the antagonist played by Michael B. Jordan. His character Erik Killmonger has an in-depth backstory and motives that are arguably better than the protagonist’s, just not in execution.

At the end of the year, Black Panther is expected to receive plenty of awards. The movie is a definite must-see!‘’

–Josh Singh,The Voice, Writer

“Black Panther is a film I would highly recommend everyone to see.

Black Panther throws away mainstream trends and portrays an outlook of tradition and pride. This is the first Marvel film that holds a primarily African American cast and it is what makes Black Panther powerful. From the life morals in the screenplay, to the soundtrack and to the color tone of the film, it will uplift any person’s outlooks.”

–Daniela Cacho, The Voice, Editor-in-Chief

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