Giving PCs to Students in a Time of Need

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Giving PCs to Students in a Time of Need

Author: Mika Smith

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Just recently, Tri-C paired up with PCs for People to help low income students continue their education despite the given circumstances. Since the pandemic has caused Ohio to shut down all college campuses and change to a remote learning environment, this meant that students needed to switch gears and start working from home. However, computers are not the most affordable piece of technology out there, which can be a struggle for some students who are trying to cover other expenses on top of that. Tri-C wanted to make sure that every student was able to continue their studies without having to worry about financial hardships.  

The Tri-C Foundation was able to distribute nearly 150 PCs as of March 27th.  The program was offered to students who live in a household with an income that is below the 200% poverty level or that are enrolled in an income-based government assistance program. The computers were distributed at the Metro Campus, where those eligible would be met with a Tri-C staff member who would then give them a PC, along with more information about Tri-C programs. Additionally, students also received information about alternate ways that Tri-C can help students in need not only now, but even when we have the chance to enter back on campus. 

 I am a beneficiary of this program myself. Being able to have my own PC has not only allowed me to do my work from pretty much anywhere available to me, but it also has Microsoft Word already pre-loaded onto the device, which is typically something that a person would need a paid subscription to access. This program has benefited me a lot during these tough times and helped me be able to complete my assignments without having to worry about where the money is coming from to buy a new computer. While these refurbished computers aren’t the newest, they are still in great condition and work very well. I was initially worried that it wouldn’t be able to run some of the software or programs needed to run my classes. Not only is the computer able to run efficiently despite its age, it also has a quick loading time making it easier to get work done in a timely manner. 

Overall, this program has improved the lives of many students, and achieved a lot of good, simply by distributing these PCs at no cost to them. For more information on the Tri-C’s acts toward helping student relief during the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit  

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