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Covid Journal

During the start of Covid-19, it had appeared very much like a terrible dream. People were overly cautious about how close you were standing next to them. This interaction occurred within many public settings from a very cramped gas station, even when banking, and even within any mall you had attended. As it was many people that were scared it was an equal amount that was non-believers. These non-believers had thought the pandemic was nothing other than a strong government hoax and or a great cover-up.

Many things within the very start of this pandemic had caught the world’s attention as Covid-19 in all its ugliness was put on world display as many media outlets big and small had done their best to capture every vital second of the latest global killer. The media and leading government officials often gave great attempts of providing hope speeches to the public as they also noted to avoid large gatherings by doing your best to stay indoors and only making an exit into the world of the current danger only if very necessary and knowing it was a situation of life and death if you had chosen not to wear a mask or just had simplifying forgotten to equip yourself with this new personal must-have item of the era. Many people have only made contact by use of phones mostly due to their strong fear of the new unknown. Covid-19 during its start was mostly a pandemic like no other before it. Many people had only known any information from watching news broadcasts and whatever info was being received during phone conversations with family and friends.

The broadcast news coverage had non-stop programming that revolved around Covid-19. Many people thought the non-stop broadcast news coverage was increasing people’s fear just as much as it was being informative. Many People that were following all news coverage closely had chosen to neglect visits to their homes from family and friends. Eventually within the early start of the pandemic stores had started to stock up heavily due to the increased need for needed items shopping. Stores around the world had come to know that certain items had become difficult to maintain a steady supply in stock during the outrageous panic that Covid-19 had introduced to the world.

To make sure the stock of all stores would be gained by many, the government’s leading officials with the help of the media outlets had urged people to all buy enough as needed but not more than what is needed, which many people had a tough time justifying the difference as asked.

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