Tri-C Metro Campus Cultural Day Celebration 2024 

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By Jane Salifu

The Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus had a cultural day organized by the student government, and it was a massive success. The event occurred on the 18th of April 2024 at the Metro Campus MCC food court during lunchtime. The event highlighted the importance of celebrating cultural identities, so it was very colorful, multicultural, and delicious. The dishes were cooked by the students and were showcased from different cultures across the continent, including Albania, Black America, Cameroon, Ghana, India, Peru, Philippines, and Türkiye.  

The event was packed with students who were delighted participants. I got to try Ghana Jollof rice for the first time and was not disappointed. I also enjoyed topping the cornbread off with some iced lemon water. Unfortunately, the Cameroon dish was finished when I arrived. I got the opportunity to learn a little bit more about some cultures, their cultural attire, and the kind of food they like, which was interesting. 

The sun was out, and the weather was nice. It was a beautiful day to try various continental dishes. The event indeed highlighted the rich cultural tapestry of our campus community, and I look forward to future cultural celebrations. Finally, the Mandel Academy deserves appreciation for sponsoring this event.  

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