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Category: Campus News

News from Tri-C's four campuses: East, Metro, West, and Westshore

In the Know About Student Government

The Westshore Student Government Officers kick off the year with training alongside Student Board Scholar, Chris Cullen and Campus President Dr. Terri Pope the Dean of Learning and Engagement. Which also included Dean Bob Searson and the Dean of Access and Completion, Dean Ann Proud t at Corporate College West on Thursday, August 30th. The …

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Tri-C Counseling to the Rescue

Scheduling classes, receiving financial aid information, discussing mental health, and even adjusting to college life; Cuyahoga Community College’s Counseling Center is here to help. Most of the time you have to refer to the counseling staff in order to receive assistance in said topics. Counseling is the professional guidance of the individual. Through both academic …

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Make a Withdrawal from the Student Food Bank

Cuyahoga Community College has many resources on campus for students in need. One of these key resources, is the Foodbank maintained by Student Government. Any student who is currently enrolled in classes and has a Tri-C Card can get access to the foodbank. It is located in A-101 in the Student Government office. Students are …

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Student Leadership Retreat: Where Leaders Begin

A triumphant occasion took place on Friday, September 28th, marking the Student Leadership retreat of the Fall semester of 2018. After a brief check-in with Patrick Williams (Westshore AmeriCorps) student leaders were greeted with a warm welcome by Jennifer Davis (Student Life and Athletics Director) of Metropolitan Campus. Followed by most intense Rock- Paper-Scissors icebreaker …

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C.A.B. Brings the Party

The Campus Activities Board, also known as C.A.B., is a group that plans and sets up different events for Cuyahoga Community College. These events include learning events like Constitutional Day to fun events like the Magic Holiday Festival. These events are supposed to give students a chance to relax and enjoy something outside of classes. C.A.B. …

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Dates to Remember April 10th – May 12th

Tuesday, April 10–DownBeat Jazz Education Days–WESTSHORE @ 10 am Wednesday, April 11–DownBeat Jazz Education Days–WESTSHORE @ 10 am Thursday, April 12–Tri-C Day Friday, April 13–With Faith and Fury–METRO @ 7:30 pm Saturday, April 14–Gerald Clayton–Piedmont Blues: A Search for Salvation feature Rene Marie and Maurice Chestnut–METRO @ 7:30 pm Sunday, April 15– Tri-C Toastmaster Weekly Meeting–METRO …

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