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News from the Tri-C campus in Highland Hills

Connect 2 Campus

Connect 2 Campus is an event that gives students the opportunity to learn about academic programs, campus resources, and student clubs and organizations at Cuyahoga Community College. This event took place September 13 at Metro Campus and East Campus. It’s always an exciting event because students are interacting with each other and learning their way around campus. Explore your campus today and …

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Student Recognition & Honors Program

By: Deniece Diggins, East Editor-in-Chief Tri-C has always provided students tools, resources and counsel they need to not only complete each semester successfully, but also to exceed and excel in their studies. Each semester students are recognized for their academic achievements and participation in extracurricular activities in the preceding semester at the Student Recognition and …

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Heard in the Hallways

By: Alaina Bradley, East Staff Writer As the Spring semester comes to an end, a lot of students around campus are eager to get their summer plans started even if some of them are coming right back for summer semester. What are your plans for the summer? Te’Angila Porter, Business Management “My plan for the …

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ThRIve & the Entrepreneur Expo

By: Deniece Diggins, East Editor in Chief ThRIve is a business organization led by students at the Metro Campus that strives to promote entrepreneurship while positively impacting the community thru local engagement. Each year, Tri-C students contend for 1 of 4 coveted spots in the ThRIve office, where they can learn first-hand about entrepreneurship and …

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A Matter of Class: Online Courses

By: Dylan Doyle, East Staff Writer Tri-C offers several different class formats with varying levels of online content and weeks required for completion. This means that students have to chose between online, hybrid, or strictly classroom in addition to eight, fourteen, or sixteen weeks. What this really boils down to is: which class is right …

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Tri-C is Preparing For The 2017 Summer Internship Program

Written by:  Lore Smith, East Staff Writer What better way to gain valuable work experience than through Cuyahoga Community College’s Summer Internship Program!  Most students are too busy to commit as an intern during the school year so the summer is an ideal time to take advantage of an internship opportunity. An internship allows eligible …

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