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News from Tri-C's four campuses: East, Metro, West, and Westshore

Sally Kurowski Retires After 31 Years at Tri-C

“My grandfather always stressed the importance of education,” said Sally Kurowski, Director of Developmental Education and Learning Services at Cuyahoga Community College. “I am fortunate to be the first in my family to earn a college degree.” Kurowski’s love of learning only grew from there. “When I thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up, the …

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Student Government of Westshore Campus

Be the change you want to see on campus. Student Government is available for students to express the need for changes they want to see on and around their campus. It’s the voice of the student body. The Student Government of Westshore Campus meets at the alcove in the front of Corporate College West (CCW), across from the …

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Tri-C Offers Benefits and Services to Student Veterans

What does it mean to be a military veteran? To be accepted by the Veterans Association and federal and state government, the service member must have completed at least 180 days of consecutive active duty service. This allows the service member to qualify for a characterized discharge from the armed forces and become eligible for veteran benefits. But being a veteran …

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Connect 2 Campus

Connect 2 Campus is an event that gives students the opportunity to learn about academic programs, campus resources, and student clubs and organizations at Cuyahoga Community College. This event took place September 13 at Metro Campus and East Campus. It’s always an exciting event because students are interacting with each other and learning their way around campus. Explore your campus today and …

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Connecting the Classrooms to Careers

The Career Center has rolled out a new workshop, Classroom to Career. The workshop focuses on what students need to do to be career-ready, based on what the National Association of Colleges and Employers says students need to do to be prepared for a successful transition into the workplace. Classroom to Career teaches students the eight competencies employers …

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Student Recognition & Honors Program

By: Deniece Diggins, East Editor-in-Chief Tri-C has always provided students tools, resources and counsel they need to not only complete each semester successfully, but also to exceed and excel in their studies. Each semester students are recognized for their academic achievements and participation in extracurricular activities in the preceding semester at the Student Recognition and …

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