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News from the Tri-C campus in Parma

Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter Cleveland Rian Brown Communicates with Tri-C Students about Social Issues

By John Kay, Western Campus Editor-in-Chief    Tri-C hosted Rian Brown on February 23rd for its continuation of the “Celebrating Diversity Series.” Rian Brown is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Cleveland, and also works with grassroots organizations in Michigan, Cleveland, and Kalamazoo. She has dedicated her life to the long-haul effort to bring awareness …

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Baseball Team Seeks to Repeat as Conference Champs, Return to Playoffs

By: Hannah Lovejoy, West Staff Writer   After a phenomenal 2016 campaign in which the team was ranked as high as sixth nationally among junior and community colleges, the Tri-C Challenger baseball team begins its season with four games in Georgia this weekend. It is seeking to repeat as Ohio Community College Athletic Conference champions, …

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Heard in the Hallways: The Student Voices on College Improvement

By Tammy Merritt, West Staff Writer     What changes would you like to see at Tri-C?   Curtis Leonard Major: Liberal Arts “A better connection with counselors instead of an in and out kind of a thing. Also a shuttle bus in the parking lot to bring people in from the far reaches of …

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True Life: Ensuring Success for Int’l & Veteran Students

By Aaron Moorman, Social Media Editor Among the many faculty and staff members at Tri-C, there are none quite like Damian Thorkelson. Though Mr. Thorkelson is not the only VA Certifier at the Western campus, he is currently the only individual authorized to process paperwork for international students. With a significant student population that are …

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The Untold Story: “A Thousand and One Journeys”

By: Omar Faisal, West Staff Writer   Tri-C will be screening “A Thousand and One Journeys: The Arab Americans,” followed by a Q&A with the director. The film is located at the Western Campus in WHCS 223 on Tuesday, March 28th at 1:00 p.m. The filmmaker, Abe Kasbo, has been featured in The New York …

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True Life: Empowering Everyday Women of Tri-C

By Tammy Merritt, West Campus Writer   Cristiana Vespucci – a twenty-one-year-old feminist and full time college student who also works forty hours outside of campus, has stepped into her role in leadership; which comes naturally for her. Compassionate and eager to make a difference as Student Government President; Vespucci gives her all at Tri-C …

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