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President Clinton, Springsteen Draw Largest Campaign Rally Yet

By Bronson Peshlakai and Sara Liptak The Boss and The Chief (as in Commander-in-Chief), brought a message of moving America forward at a Democratic campaign rally held at the Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus in Parma on Oct. 18. One day after GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan and Condoleezza Rice visited Berea, down Bagley-Pleasant …

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First Lady Wows Crowd at Tri-C Gymnasium

By Bronson Peshlakai In a rally held at Cuyahoga Community College’s Recreation Center, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to an enthusiatic crowd who received her with energy and delight. She kicked off her speech by announcing that they were one vote closer to electing her husband as next president after she voted for him by …

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City Councilmen Urge Public Forum to Discuss Background Check Policies

Terminated Student Ambassador Offered Job Again, She Declined By Bronson Peshlakai and Portia Booker Cuyahoga Community College officials are now backpedaling on a background check/drug screen policy, after heightened awareness of the policy was published by the Tri-C student newspaper The Voice, and two Plain Dealer articles. The Voice first reported of Tri-C Metro student …

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New Policy Looks Into Past of New Hires at Tri-C

Student Ambassador Fired For Criminal Record Dating Back 16 Years Ago WINNER — 2013 Ohio Excellence in Journalism, 2nd Place, Best Print News Story, Two-year College Category By Bronson Peshlakai and Portia Booker A harsh reality could be in store for students with a criminal mark when they seek an on-campus job. In January, Cuyahoga …

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Rally Starts, Now on Pause While President En Route

The campaign rally for Barack Obama has officially began shortly after 1 p.m. at the Tri-C Metro Rec Center Gymnasium with a prayer that had the audience applauding. “God bless America’s president; his family” the pastor said. “Thank you for his fortitude and his conscience.” Supporters followed the prayer with loud “Amens” and with applause. …

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