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Tri-C ’s Classical Piano Series Feature: Lisa de la Salle

By Benjamin Jakubowski Right before the end of Spring Break, the Tri-C Classical Piano Series featured performer Lisa de la Salle at CMA’s Gartner Auditorium. Salle is a young pianist hailing from France, who has a masterful talent of the piano and specializes in Classical music. Her performance marked her first debut in Cleveland. Salle …

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Student Success Symposium

By Barbie Robertson The Student Success Symposium started six years ago. It is an end of the year celebration with exhibits by students, showcasing their excellence and recognizing student accomplishments. Students will present their research on an issue that they are passionate about and in order to bring awareness to it. This year, Cuyahoga Community …

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Tri-C Dance Professor Wins Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Dance Artform Award

By Daniela Cacho Born in Italy, grew up in Atlanta, and now names Cleveland her home, Sarah Morrison expresses her creative outlet by dance and also teaches this art form at Cuyahoga Community College. “I came to Cleveland on a scholarship to go to Case Western for my dancing, it was a choreography scholarship. I …

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Conversation Group

By Adolphe Musanga “Have you ever experienced an adventure in a place where you are a total stranger?” I know a category of people named international students who have. As one of them, I know how tough it is to land in a place where everything seems dissimilar from your home, specifically the social life, people’s behaviors and most importantly …

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Tri-C to CMA

By Ben Jakubowski She started at a community college; none other than Tri-C. She now gives back to the community by working for CMA. Kelley Notaro Schreiber- who is now the Manager of Communications and Media Relations at the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) was a student at Cuyahoga Community College. Schreiber says that at Tri-C, she started …

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The 2018 African American Read- In a Unison in Language at East

By Doug Smith Love’s aurora continued to linger in the air in the mark of the Fourth Annual African American Read-in that took place in the lobby of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Humanities Center lobby at Metro campus. The event was hosted by Michelle Rankins, English Assistant Professor and HerBrina Shepherd, Student Life Advisor. The lobby was …

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