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Tri-C to CMA

By Ben Jakubowski She started at a community college; none other than Tri-C. She now gives back to the community by working for CMA. Kelley Notaro Schreiber- who is now the Manager of Communications and Media Relations at the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) was a student at Cuyahoga Community College. Schreiber says that at Tri-C, she started …

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The 2018 African American Read- In a Unison in Language at East

By Doug Smith Love’s aurora continued to linger in the air in the mark of the Fourth Annual African American Read-in that took place in the lobby of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Humanities Center lobby at Metro campus. The event was hosted by Michelle Rankins, English Assistant Professor and HerBrina Shepherd, Student Life Advisor. The lobby was …

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Dates to Remember March 19 – April 1

Monday March 19–Session B (Second 8 Weeks) Begins Tuesday March 20–Session A (First 8 Weeks) Final Grades Due Wednesday March 21–FAFSA Completion Days–EAST@ 2:00 pm Thursday March 22–LGBTQ+ 101 Informative Speaker-WEST @ 1:30 pm Friday March 23–National Puppy Day Saturday March 24–World Wildlife Day Sunday March 25–In the Heat of the Night–EAST @ 7:30 pm Monday …

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Swim After Class at East

By Jhamella Haynes Did you know that you can receive swimming lessons at Cuyahoga Community College Eastern? The swimming pool in the recreation center is open to all students who are enrolled. Recreation Coordinator, Tyron Hayes, oversees making sure everything runs smoothly within the recreation center (i.e., the gym, indoor track, pool and even the weight room). The recreation …

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Q&A with a Tri-C Earth Science Professor

By Josh Singh The Earth is our home. It contains almost everything we know, but how often do we learn about those who explain the mysteries of this complex blue rock. Professor Priyanka Banerjie has been teaching Earth Science at Tri-C for four years. Professor Banerjie’s students have called her “kind and passionate” about what she teaches. Even those who dislike learning science …

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Purple Films are Two Tri-C Alums Looking to Take Over the World

By Zach Stenger Purple Films is a local film company formed in 2011 and is managed by Dan Gillespie and Jimmy Gall, former Cuyahoga Community College Students. Both Gillespie and Gall started filming bac in high school because they did not want to write a paper or a book and decided to create a short film for the assignment. …

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