Hip-Hop Homecoming Takes Over Metro Campus

The sixth annual Hip-Hop Homecoming at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C)’s Metro campus brought in a lot of attention. Located in the newly renovated courtyard, the entire courtyard was filled with a plethora of sounds, students, faculty and free food.   With the show hosted by Eric “Scratch Paper” Wilson and alumni Pat W, they curated panels like “Battle Of The …

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Stomp Is the New Mascot Tri-C Deserves

On Monday, September 9th at 11:00 A.M. at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C)’s Metro campus had a dinosaur-sized event as the introduction of a new mascot, Stomp the Triceratops, made its first ever debut to the public. This was not only the reveal of our long-horned companion – it was also the celebration of Stomp receiving its new name. It is …

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We All Could Use a Quick Bite, Can’t We?

  Being a college student often means that you’re always on the go. This busy lifestyle sometimes can cause us to forget very simple things like eating, but when you do remember it’s good to know what choices you have. There are many food options located in and around Cuyahoga Community College’s Eastern campus. There …

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Through The Eyes of Disney!

Whether you are there for business, vacation or you’re working there; Disney is a magical place. Filled with little kids’ dreams of being a prince or princess or maybe they’re more adventurous and choose to be a pirate (you know there are female pirates…right?). Parent’s get to see the joy in their kids eyes (even their adult kids’ eyes) …

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Keep Your Head Up

While attending community college it is uncertain if a student will actually gain the freshman fifteen. However what is certain is that attending college can be stressing. According to a study published by the Journal of Depression and Anxiety three out of every four students reported at least one stressful life event within the past year such as social …

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H.R.C. Equality Act- A Human Rights Campaign

The Westshore Campus among others provided a training session for the Equality Act presented by the Human Rights Campaign. On April 22nd the largest LGBT civil rights organization not only offered all you can eat Lil Caesars pizza, but a workshop on how to lobby your local representatives to support the Equality Act. Lobbying is attempting to …

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Cleveland’s Own Billy Morris

For years now, Billy Morris has stood as a guitar and musical icon in the rock scene, earning a name for himself in the Cleveland music industry. He is most notably known for his time as the lead guitarist in the band Warrant and has built his musical resume through the years with his previous tours with Paul Gilbert of the …

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In the month of February Tri-C’s Metro campus hosted a black history month film festival. In attendance were students, faculty, and a group of 50 scholars attending E-Preps Cliff campus. The festival featured “The Hate U Give” starring Amanda Stenberg as Star Carter who witnesses a fatal shooting of her childhood best friend at the …

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In the Know About Student Government

The Westshore Student Government Officers kick off the year with training alongside Student Board Scholar, Chris Cullen and Campus President Dr. Terri Pope the Dean of Learning and Engagement. Which also included Dean Bob Searson and the Dean of Access and Completion, Dean Ann Proud t at Corporate College West on Thursday, August 30th. The …

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Tri-C Counseling to the Rescue

Scheduling classes, receiving financial aid information, discussing mental health, and even adjusting to college life; Cuyahoga Community College’s Counseling Center is here to help. Most of the time you have to refer to the counseling staff in order to receive assistance in said topics. Counseling is the professional guidance of the individual. Through both academic …

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