Justin Nozuka Returns to Cleveland

By Daniela Cacho Justin Nozuka made a friendly stop back to Cleveland promoting his recent release, Low Tide on a                  co-headline tour with Good Old War. The city welcomed Nozuka to the House of Blues in the Cambridge Room on March 11th. Nozuka and his supporting bandmates put on a …

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Helpful Phone Apps for Student

By Hannah Lovejoy If you are anything like the majority of college students across the globe, then staying motivated and on top of school work is one of the most of the most stressful aspects about being in school. Luckily, people out there have created apps that can help make not only students’ lives, but a good majority of the populations lives. Sit down and get out your laptop or smartphone because your life is about to get much more organized. Here are five apps every college student MUST have: 1) Chegg- This app is free and …

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Book Drive Makes a Stop at Tri-C

By Abby Bickel We all have them. They sit in the dusty corners of our houses, taking up precious space. Or they pile up in the basement because who could bare to get rid the memories loaded into the pages of your favorite childhood picture book? Stop being a sentimentalist. You are never going to revisit that novel …

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Black Panther Movie Review

By Josh Singh and Daniela Cacho ‘’Marvel’s newest film Black Panther is groundbreaking, because it doesn’t just break the mold of a normal superhero film; it separates itself from most movies with a mainly black cast where it doesn’t have stereotypical characters and throwaway scenes with no purpose. Every scene in Black Panther is either expanding on a character’s personality or …

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West Campus Changing Around with STEM

By Michael Dean Smith A number of construction projects will begin this year in an effort to improve and update facilities. Major additions of laboratory, automotive, and first responder education facilities will be coupled with upgrades to existing facilities built in 1975. The only current impacts of the ambitious upgrades are being felt by users of recreation facilities. Construction on the …

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Tri-Saving the Environment One Bottle at a Time

By Fiona Hughes “Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment,”  the United States Environmental Protection Agency writes. “To pursue sustainability is to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations.” Environmental issues and sustainability are …

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