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BREAKING NEWS: Tri-C President Declares Issue 6 Passed

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ELECTION RESULTS 2014: 8 p.m. Update — A chat with State Sec’y of State nominee Nina Turner

JERRY SUE THORNTON CENTER In this update of The Voice News Election Results 2014 update, we chat with Ohio Secretary of State nominee Nina Turner (D). She gives insight into her campaign and her views on what she would to to encourage a larger turnout for the youth vote.

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ELECTION COVERAGE 2014 — 8 p.m. Update

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THE VOICE NEWS and ELECTION COVERAGE 2014 Kicks off at 7 p.m.

TRI-C METRO CAMPUS CENTERWelcome to an unprecedented move by a Tri-C student publication. Live updates via the Web on election night. Tri-C has a lot on the line with Issue 6. If this tax levy fails to pass the college stands to lose $40 million a year, which means major cuts, tuition increases, and faculty …

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FLASHCAST ALERT: Basketball Player Antonio Mason Seriously Injured in Crash

In this fourth installment of The Voice News FLASHCAST, news of a basketball player’s serious accident caused by an alleged drunken driver shocks the team and those who knew Antonio Mason. We have team coverage. PLUS, a recent traffic pattern change near the Metro Campus has police targeting motorists who continue to break the law. …

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