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Madeleine Albright Speaks to Sold Out Tri-C Scholarship Supporters

By Bronson Peshlakai Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright spoke of education, world issues and of her life to a packed audience at an annual fundraiser at Cleveland’s Renaissance Hotel Oct. 2. Albright is the third former U.S. Secretary of State, and one of many celebrities who helped raised millions of dollars for the Cuyahoga …

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Global Icon Will Speak to Local Leaders to Raise Money For Student Scholarships

Former U.S. Sec. of State will likely speak about education, world issues “Madeleine Albright speaks with humor, insight, and eloquence about her life and career.” – The Washington Speakers Bureau. By Bronson Peshlakai People called her “Madame Secretary,” the first woman to be a U.S. Secretary of State, and she will offer insight and wisdom …

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Shots Fired Near Tri-C Metro Campus During Summer

By Bronson Peshlakai Seven basic police academy recruits seemed to be potential danger during the summer after a series of gunshots rang out near the Cuyahoga Commmunity College Metro campus PE track, situated south of the gymnasium. According to the incident report, the cadets and three instructors were using the track for an evening training …

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BREAKING NEWS: Congress Reaches Deal To Keep Student Loan Rates The Same

Student loan rates are to remain at 3.4 percent after Republicans and Democrats strike a deal in Congress June 27. The agreement keeps interest rates frozen on subsidized Stafford loans rather than doubling the rates on new loans approved from Sunday moving forward. President Obama had been touring the nation’s colleges and universities in the …

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Campus Police Assists Presidential Visit

By Amy Miler When most people hear the title “Campus Security”, they are usually less than impressed. A nod of the head, coupled with an audible dismissal, is status quo. However, as most students at Cuyahoga Community College are aware, our campuses are patrolled by state-certified police officers. No “soy cops” here. This was especially …

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Opposing Forces Show Support For Romney During Obama’s Rally

Protestors Make Presence On Campus, No Mud-Slinging On Obama By Amy Miler While most people who came down to Cuyahoga Community College June 14 showed up to support President Obama, there were other people there to support other political issues and candidates. Representatives of the Cleveland Tea Party Chapter were just off the Tri-C Metro …

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