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By: Jeremy Hopkins, West Staff Reporter

You can tell when someone is passionate about something they enjoy.  There is an extra little something in the speech, the hands get animated, and a spark twinkles in the eye.  Every time I come into contact with someone who clearly loves what they do, I come out of that meeting with renewed energy and a desire to experience what made that passion so strong.

Tri-C West is presenting Godspell at the Theater from April 19 to April 28.  While I could have picked up this information from their theater page –, which covers the East, Metro, and Western campuses – I spoke with Fred Gloor in the Theater department about the upcoming performance.  It is clear that this passion does not end with him, extending to deeper parts of the department as well.

A partner to passion is commitment, and anybody who has been involved with a production knows that there is some serious commitment involved in most shows.  For example, the Godspell cast and crew began practicing six to eight weeks before the curtain goes up.  Production meetings for many shows at the theater at West often start at least two months before show dates.  Directors know the shows they are presenting, not merely the name but an in-depth understanding of the material, at least five months out.

Godspell, set in Club Jericho, is a musical written by Berea native John-Michael Tebelak based on the Gospel According to Matthew.  This is the first production at the Western campus where the Theater department is looking at potential ways to include social media in the performance, both before and during.  You can check out bios and behind the scene access at  While much of the work will be done by the time this article reaches the stands, you can still commit as an usher for the show.  Contact Mr. Gloor at 216-987-5536.

General Admission tickets are $10, but if you show your Tri C Student ID, you can get in for the low price of just $2.  Tickets are available at or at the box office, but the student discount is only available at the box office.  Hours are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from Noon to 4:00 PM, or starting about an hour before show time.

For those, like myself, who plan on attending, there are a few things to be aware of.  While we may not have Hugh Jackman on stage, all of the theater staff is passionate about putting on the best performance.  Please respect their passion and the performance by turning your phones and personal electronic media devices to silent.  Also, please arrive promptly, as there are no previews to show before the performance; once the lights dim, the show has started.  Plan on arriving a few minutes early to deal with parking, being shown to your seats, and the lines entering the theater.  Just as important, you need to come prepared to pay attention.  When it’s your turn to talk, you will know it, just as you will know when to be quiet.  While the production will have an intermission, please do not eat or drink in Club Jericho.  Lastly, no flash photography will be allowed, although the theater is still exploring the social media options.

Stay on top of what the cast and crew are doing at, or stay in touch with their page at, to share their passion for entertainment.

Official Godspell Poster
Official Godspell Poster
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