Available at every campus, Tutoring helps more than just those with poor grades.

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By Catherine Cesa, West Staff Writer and ESL Student, Level 3

Tutoring is a great service that helps you to have better grades in classes that you have trouble with and allows you to work a tutor for thirty minutes. If, you want to go for tutoring, you have to be an enrolled student on campus. This service is available for everybody on all campuses at Cuyahoga Community College.


(Tri-C) at The Testing Center, and it’s free of charge.


“Tutoring is helping students to have better grades. The Testing Center can see and compare the students grades before, during and after they enjoy this service,” stated Sally Kurowski, Director of the Testing Center.


This service started first at Metro Campus. This service has been on Western Campus for 30 years. The tutors can help you with English as Second Language (ESL), Math, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economic, Spanish, IT (computer), Statistics and Calculus.


To enjoy the tutors help, you have to make an appointment, or tutors can take walks in if they are not busy. This service is available from Monday to Saturday, depending on the discipline. To make an appointment for tutoring you can stop by the Testing Centers or you can call by phone. For tutors at the Western Campus call 216- 987- 5257, for the Eastern Campus call 216- 987- 2256, or for the Metropolitan Campus dial 216- 987- 4311.


Many people think tutoring is only for people having trouble with a subject. This is not true; tutors are there for anyone who wants support.


Tutoring service is important for all subjects, but it is essentially important for students who are studying English as Second Language (ESL) because English is not their main Language. The ESL tutors are the teachers Julie Jindra and Sue Bartch at Western Campus.


“This service is important to me because it helps me to connect with my own students it also gives me information what other ESL tutors and teachers are doing it,” said Jindra.


“Tutoring is the best help the students can have to improve their grades,” said Gregorio Garcia, ESL Level 3 student.



‘’I think one thing students can do to have a better tutoring experience is to remember to bring their books with them when they come,” ESL tutor Bartch recommended.  “If they don’t have their books, it makes it harder to help them. I still try to help them, but it’s harder because they can’t show me what they don’t understand in the book, and I can’t refer to the book to show them what they need to learn.  Sometimes students come to me because their teacher says they need more help in using the dictionary, but they don’t bring their dictionary. I do the best I can, but it would be much easier if they brought their books. Another suggestion is for students to come even when they are just having ‘a little trouble’ in some area, rather than waiting until right before the Final Exam to try to cram and get help for the final exam.  We still try to help them even if they don’t come until just before Finals, but it’s much harder to help them and much harder for them to learn at the last moment.  If they start coming at the beginning of the semester and keep coming, tutoring can really help them a lot, little by little. They retain more of what they learn, too,’’ she added.


ESL tutors can help you with Reading & Writing, Speaking, and Grammar but they don’t do your homework.


‘’I would like to have more ESL tutors available before evening, it would be helpful,’’ said Jindra.


Besides the Tutoring Service at the Testing Center at college you also can go to TRIO, Student Support Service. This service is available in every campus.


Another resource is Smarthinking. You can talk with a live e-structor. You have to go online www.smarthinking.com to schedule a thirty minute appointment.


We want you to succeed! Go see a tutor!

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