Online Courses Celebrated at Tri-C campuses

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By Dezmond K. DeLeon
Metro Staff Reporter

Online learning is making headway as the new classroom, so much that even Ivy League schools are dabbling into the technology. Distance learning provides the opportunity for students to receive an education without the time and space constraints of a traditional classroom. But the online learning environment can also be quite daunting and pretty intimidating.

Not everyone is comfortable with the self-discipline and sometimes self-teaching that is required in the distance-learning arena. How does one overcome the anxiety of this new learning atmosphere to the tradeoff of convenience that it provides?

National Distance Learning Week happened recently, hosted by the Office of eLearning and Innovation. The event was structured to help students survive and even thrive in the online-learning setting. Students were able to find their online survival kit, played games against other Tri-C campuses, and even earned a chance to win prizes in order to help students get acclimated to online learning.

Coming up in our next edition of The Voice, we’ll explore the demands and challenges students must face in order to succeed in a distance learning course.

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