Do you know when your Fall 2013 final exams are?

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It’s the end of the Fall 2013 semester at Tri-C. Do you know where your finals are?

It’s a couple of days left before they start giving the final grades in the Fall 2013 semester. Not to make you sweat (more), but do you know when you need to show up for your final exams?

Some teachers have announced when the final is. Some put it in the syllabus (that paper or ream they passed out the first day). Some act like it’s a surprise they are springing on you. But the information has been there from the beginning of the semester, and you were supposed to know to find this out. Aside from being in the Student Handbook, the only location I could find the schedule was via My Tri-C Space, as the calendar on the main page only shows the start and stop times of the semester.

This schedule is not guaranteed to be accurate every year. But for Fall of 2013, you just need to reference what time your classes usually meet, and which days they meet, and find the times your exams are supposed to start. This schedule typically – but not always – is set up so you would report to the same classroom you always go, on one of your regularly scheduled class times. For those taking evening or weekend classes, it is exactly at that regular time; the cut-off appears to be classes after 4:00 PM do not show up on this schedule.

Say you have a class that meets only on Thursday mornings at 8:00 AM. According to the schedule, you first find the day of the week that has the times and days your class meets, then trace back up to which Block the exam was scheduled for. For that Thursday class, the exam would be held on Thursday, in Block 2. Go to your regularly scheduled classroom, unless the instructor has made different arrangements. (One quick tip: for most classes – but not all – the exam time will be during a Block time closest to your regularly scheduled class day and time.)

If you have any conflicting times, you need to bring it up to your teachers. While it was expected for you to know this earlier, you can still make arrangements with the classes to schedule an alternate time. (But you still have to go.)

Finding time to study, however, is up to you.

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