Tri-C still open

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Tri-C still open
Ground crews clear the walks despite salt shortages and continuing snow fall.
(Photo by Jeremy Hopkins)


February 5, 2014, and the doors are still open.

By Jeremy Hopkins, West editor

Despite several hours of snowfall, Cuyahoga Community College campuses are still open.  If you were hoping for another snow day today, you will not be disappointed.  Roads are slick and in many cases treacherous.  Plow operators have been working through the night, but they cannot work as effectively while the snow is falling.

On top of the snow accumulation is the shortage of salt many communities are facing.  Some communities, such as Lakewood, have stated that they are almost out of salt.  (Lakewood’s supplier is the same as Tri-C’s: Morton Salt.)  This is making it difficult to keep roads, sidewalks, and parking lots clear of both snow and ice, and falling snow is now covering dangerous patches of ice.

Tri-C still open
The condition of the A lot at 8:00 AM on February 5, 2014.
(Photo by Jeremy Hopkins)

It is possible that, should you have braved the slippery streets, your class has been canceled.  That is up to each individual teacher.  (This reporter has had two classes within 24 hours canceled.)  Check your messages on the school email or Blackboard to find out if your instructor has canceled the class.  Just because one class has been canceled does not mean all your classes were canceled.


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