TechTalk: Pocket-sized Solutions to Help the Tri-C Student Tackle College

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By Marchanna Bentley
West Staff Reporter

In an age where technological advances are being made in the fields of everything from e-books to surgery, college students are incorporating new technologies in their own careers to make life a little easier.

Take for instance Anki. This app is a virtual flashcard system where professors and other students can create decks of information relating to a specific class for study. Users upload decks to the site to be shared with others. You can sync these to devices such as your Android or iPhone with the option to embed video, audio and photos. This makes learning a language or studying for that calculus test more interactive. Anki is available as a free app.

The iPad Mini seems to be another popular choice. Downloading electronic versions of college textbooks eliminates the hassle of going back and forth to and from locker to classroom. It also comes with a note-taking app. Apple’s Pages, a word processing app can also be downloaded.

Worried about accidently losing all that data? With a Dropbox account, storing and sharing text files and documents offers a secure vault that can be accessed from mobile devices and computers

Another free app as of Feb. 1, Microsoft 365 Office is being made free for currently enrolled Tri-C students enrolled in college credits. The software that has a retail value of $79.99 is free to use on up to five devices.

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