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By Juan Caminero, Metro staff reporter


With the advent of social networking, it seems as though the traditional date has become obsolete. This has been the topic of many opinion articles in national news and popular magazine who claim that the “dinner and a movie” routine, as portrayed in Hollywood, simply doesn’t happen anymore (at least not as frequently). We wanted to get an idea of our fellow student’s views on dating, so we took a quantitative survey of 100 students entering and exiting the TLC building at the Metro Campus.

The results are telling.  Chime in with your thoughts at
The results are telling. Chime in with your thoughts at

After confirming the person was a Tri-C student, we asked him or her if going on dates was “dead,” or in other words a thing of the past for this generation. Our findings, showcased in a chart, revealed that more than half of the students surveyed agreed that dating has lost its relevance. A smaller portion disagreed, defending the tradition or were simply not entirely sure what the trends are among college students.

Upon receiving these numbers we randomly selected a few students to give their input on why the data turned out the way it did. Is dating too formal for today’s lovers who might prefer the term hooking up and hanging out? Perhaps these numbers have been affected by new methods of getting to know a romantic interest such as dating websites, social networks, and even text messaging.

Here’s what you thought

In this generation, guys don’t really ask you to go on dates. If they do, they dress it up and just call it hanging out. I like the idea of the whole thing but I think a date puts more pressure on the two of you to look for sparks and makes it harder to get to know each other as friends first.” – Bre, Female, 23

“I don’t think dates are played out, I think we just live in a fast time period and that’s a little more of an old school thing. I think going to movies and things like that are happening but nobody is really calling it a date.” – Mikel, Male, 18

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