Social Science speakers coming to Tri-C

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By Mackenzie Saunders, West staff reporter

More speakers in the Carol S. Franklin Social Science Speaker series coming to the Western Campus

Dr. Mary Childers, PhD, presenting at the Western campus of Tri-C. (photo by Jeremy Hopkins)
Dr. Mary Childers, PhD, presenting at the Western campus of Tri-C.
(photo by Jeremy Hopkins)

Carol S. Franklin’s Social Science speaker, Mary Childers, is not your typical Ph.D. Childers grew up on welfare in the Bronx, raised by her alcoholic, single mother alongside her six other brothers and sisters. She wrote, “Welfare Brat- a Memoir”, where she gives a deeply moving and highly personal account of overcoming her troubled beginnings. In her book, she recounts how she maintained honor roll in school while her other siblings dropped out. She went on to attain her Ph.D. in English Literature from the State University of New York in Buffalo and is now an accomplished author, educator, and consultant currently working at Dartmouth College. Childers spoke at the Tri-C Western Campus Theatre on Tuesday, March 25 at noon.

Another speaker, Jud Newborn, Ph.D., will offer his words to the Western Campus, appearing in the Campus Theatre at noon, April 17. Newborn is most famously known for penning the book entitled, “Sophie Scholl and the White Rose”, and is also an expert on extremism and the Holocaust. The White Rose was an anti-Nazi movement based in Munich that was made of young students, like Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans. The Scholls, along with other members of the White Rose, distributed pamphlets to ‘lift the veil’ of Nazi propaganda. At the University of Munich, in February of 1943, Hans and Sophie were caught. Days later they were executed, and almost all the other key member of the White Rose were eventually found and killed as well. Newborn’s book is a narrative account that has received such reviews as reading ‘like a suspense novel.’

The History Club at West is planning to show the movie ‘White Rose’ the same week as Newborn’s talk. Students can further their understanding of the topic while chowing down on some popcorn and those who attend will have a chance to win Newborn’s book in a raffle. If interested contact Kelcey Lambert, History Club President, at Or ‘Like!’ Tri-C’s History Club, on Facebook.

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