A Place Where Creative Minds Intertwine

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By Jerrell Tyree

Minds of Creative Arts is a student club at the Metro Campus diversified with students from recording arts and technology, business, dance, and creative arts programs here at Tri-C — “Where Creative Minds Intertwine.”

The club meets on the first floor of the Recording Arts and Technology building in the Creative Arts Café. Meetings are held Wednesdays 5 to 9 p.m., and Monday through Friday 2:30 to 8 p.m. The After Hours Café offers food and refreshments that is sold at 50 percent off for students.

This group was designed to showcase the talents of students by giving them an opportunity to be creative by working together to bring educational and entertaining events and programs to the Metro Campus.

The group will be hosting biweekly open mic sessions where students will be able to present their talents at a podium to share with others. A professional panel led by RAT program manager David Kennedy and Creative Arts dean Paul Cox will offer monthly demo sessions where students can get hands on learning. The panel will critique the quality, songwriting abilities, concept and originality while giving students positive feedback.

This event will be held monthly in the café.

The hangout offers a great way for creative arts students to network with one another.

Students interested in the club can get more information by calling Lisa Cates at 330-590-0565.

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