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The Cross Country Trip They Loved

By Darryl Maddox

Associate Editor.

This year the cross-country and track team at Tri-C made their way to Orlando to visit Disneyland and compete in events representing their school. Head coach Dr. Donald Cox spoke about the trip and his hard working team.

Cox says, “The defining moment wasn’t in competition, but in training. The team trained one week prior to the competition”,Cox says “All of the girls excelled at training hitting all of their time marks”.

He says “The best moment on the trip was in the evenings, while other teams explored Disneyworld on free time, my kids came back to their rooms and studied while everyone else was at play”.

“Another great moment on the trip was seeing some of the girls reactions to the plane takeoff and arriving at Disney” Cox exclaimed. “It was like the girls were four years old again”.

Cox was asked about the importance of grades to the girls. He says: “The girls do great at maintaining good grades”, “ They miss a class that affects them, I’m all over them Cox said sternly. His academic team won the academic title in 2005 and 2013 for G.P.A.s.

Cox says, “ He doesn’t get angry at a bad race, but I do get angry at poor effort.”

The girl’s cross-country team came in 6th place out of 50 teams in the competition, including Division 1 teams. Teamwork and education made this the cross – country trip they loved.

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