Crumbling Campus

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By Darryl Maddox

Metro Staff Reporter

It seems that students are starting to notice that Tri-C Metro Campus may need a revamp in the effort to keep the campus clean, maintained, and making sure that everything here works.

Tri-C just celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, and although buildings and grounds crew do a good job maintaining the campus, some structures are showing signs of wear and tear.

Every once and a while things may need replaced, fixed or cleaned up. When a student eats in the cafeteria, they shouldn’t have to eat in a place where the trash is overflowing. Cluttered tables make it difficult to enjoy a meal as well. If there are people here specifically to clean up its not too much to ask that they do their job.

On the other hand, students should remember to pick up after themselves as well. Peter Mac Ewan Vice-President of Development and Operations at the Metro Campus, “ TRI – C is in very good shape”. “ It’s a 560 acre location, it takes lots of work to keep the campus clean”.

Mac Ewan also says “TRI – C spends a half a million dollars on projects to keep TRI – C in great conditions such as getting rid of the tennis court and replacing it with trees and benches so that the students have a quiet clean place to study or unwind”. Mac Ewan says, “Clean is reasonable, perfect is unrealistic”. “But TRI – C always strives to fix things” Mac Ewan says “he really tries responding down the chain to the executive board to fix things that are altered”

It’s up to everyone to help keep our campus clean. We have the reputation of being a great school. We’re world renowned for our 2 year program, so when a person comes to Tri – C they not only should be stimulated educationally but visually as well.

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