Preparing For Finals

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“Ways to Strategize for Success”

By Melanie Ellis

It’s that time of year again when students all over campus must contend with the one thing that stresses them out the most: finals. Students take different lengths to make sure that they are able to pass their finals, like studying, tutoring, or getting plenty of rest. Many students take different approaches to ensure that they will pass their finals successfully.

Taylor Reisdorph, “I always have trouble studying, so I have music playing in the background. Before class, I write down as many notes as I can.   Dreshawn Perkins, “I plan on going to the tutoring center, and also just studying hard from beginning to end.”   Ashante Oaklee, “I am going to start getting more rest. I’m also going to do some extensive note taking and test re-taking, because this helps me to find a better way to figure out problems.” Chelsea Williams, “I try to take as many notes as possible and if I have any questions I’ll ask.” Desmond Lee Oliver, “I go to the tutoring center 3-4 times a week. I also highlight my notes and compare them to my teacher’s lectures to better understand his daily lessons.”

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