Student Club That Focuses on Leadership Skills Seeks New Recruits

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Press Club

By Jerrell Tyree

Metro Staff Reporter

Students graduating Tri-C and heading into the workforce need to make a big impression on future managers, and one of the best ways to stand out is to show proven engagement in a student club on campus.

On a daily basis at Metro Campus it’s routine to attend classes and depart back home into our other lives. However, getting involved in campus extra-curricular activities such as a student club or organization, could mean learning valuable success tools and networking opportunities with other students interested in your field of study.

A relatively new club that formed within the past year has seen a stellar recruitment rate. The P.R.E.S.S. Club advocates and teaches leadership, and it stands for Persistence, Retention, Excellence, and Student Success.

PRESS Club president Michael Hughes said he’s active in recruiting new students to the club and says the rewards from membership will last well after graduation.

“We’re here to bridge the gap between the students and the college,” Hughes said. “Many students aren’t aware of the variety of resources the campus has to offer to help them push toward their academic and life goals.”

In the last week of October, The PRESS Club will be having a presentation event called “TK20 Halloween Explosion.” This program offered through Tri-C allows students to create digital profile resumes.

PRESS will be upholding a bazaar toward the end of the semester that will have vendors and a variety of staff that’s dedicated to the success and student growth.

Getting involved on and around campus is a great way to enhance your networking skills, learn, and create self-opportunity to help uplift personal standards. Students interested in being a part of The Press Club can contact Professor Andrew Bajda at 216-987-4967

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