Leadership Certification, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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By Sharmayne Schaffer

Leadership Etiquette


It’s that time of the year. Deadlines are right around the corner and you’ve been tweaking your resume for quite some time. Good grades…check, good references…check, attractive cover letter…check. You seem to have all of the requirements of a well-rounded student seeking an internship or employment. Or do you? While, high GPA’s and fancy resumes seem to catch the eyes of today’s employers, possessing leadership skills certainly tops the list. In 2006, Tri-C introduced the Leadership Certification Program. The program’s mission was designed to prepare students to take active leadership roles in their communities. The course, which is free of charge to all Cuyahoga Community College students, offers seven workshops that give students the opportunity to earn leadership skills in a number of ways that will fit their busy lives. The Time
Management Skills workshop is one example of how the course helps students reach their leadership potential by learning to conquer procrastination. Amaar Bhatti, a Tri-c freshman, was one of those students.
“What stuck out to me was the idea of time management,” he said. “I learned that I truly was not managing my time very well, which was leading to many tribulations. Organization in my daily routine was one thing that I lacked and needed to fix to be more productive.” So many of us believe that we can become a successful leader by simply reading a generic how-to manual or following the Top 10 guide of ways to effectively lead. However, Sarah Szweda, the Tri-C East Student Life Advisor and one of the Instructors for the program, believes students may be more successful by signing up for one of the seven workshops. “It’s not a one-size fits all, cookie cutter quality,” she said. “And that’s one of the biggest benefits of the Leadership Certification Program; it helps students define their own leadership styles and strengths, gives them the tools to be effective communicators and meeting managers, as well as tackle time management, a major challenge in today’s fast-paced society.” So, before you send your resume off for future employment, grab a brochure outside of theStudent Life office or register at My Tri-C Space.


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