Student Profile: Aswan Harris

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By Darryl Maddox
Voice Staff Writer

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   Meet Aswan Harris, a student in a sea of many who attends Tri – C Metro Campus. What makes Harris stand out from the rest of the students is, he has made his way into Hollywood, a place that only few become successful at an acting career.
    Aswan has climbed the acting ladder appearing in his newest film With This Ring alongside A –list stars like Jill Scott, Regina Hall, and Brooklyn Sudano. Harris was asked if there were any challenges in the role he played in his current film? He said “There weren’t any challenging situations the only thing was the scheduling, it was it was a little challenging but that wasn’t a real problem. Harris also said, “That the chemistry was great from actor to actor.
    Harris in a surprised tone said “The stars actually followed his guidance and suggestions on the set”. Harris says in 3-5 years he sees himself still acting or holding a position behind the camera. “As long as I am around the business doing things” says Harris. Proof positive that Tri – C is where futures begin.
    Harris has also co- stared alongside Kevin Costner in Draft Day and had a minor role in Marvel’s Captain America The Winter Soldier.


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