Bistro 87: Review

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By Ronesha Salters

Earlier this week, my partner (Sarah Arafat, Photographer) and I had the opportunity to visit Bistro 87, a restaurant that has been in business for 15 years here at Tri-C. Bistro 87 is located on the Ground Floor in the Metro Campus Center. I honestly have to say that this was the best experience I have had in a restaurant in a very long time. For those of you who do not know, the restaurant is ran by students who attend our Hospitality Program here at Tri-C, amazing right? Who would have thought that these students would give off such great hospitable tactics, you would have thought that they were professionals. The services that we received were of grade “A” excellency. Our server made sure that we were taken care of constantly, and that our glasses stayed full.

Since this was a buffet set up, I would have thought the service would have been a little different. Taking that I have been to many buffet restaurants, this one was a bit different. Instead of it being a “self-serve” style buffet, the chefs were the ones serving the food which surprised me in a good way. I find that specific style of service to be more clean and elegant. Most buffets you go to are self-serving, which can be very unsanitary at times. But by this being an actual serving buffet, it kept the restaurant very clean.

The care taken in the area of sanitation is not the only thing that surprised me, but the food was EXTRAVAGANT! I asked the Deanna Manners (head chef) was all of the homemade and she responded, “All of the food made here in our restaurant is homemade”.  I asked because most restaurants would have it to where half of the food is homemade and the other half  is processed, heck, sometimes all of the food is be processed. That’s defiantly not the case here, the taste of the food was unbelievably, authentically-delicious.  That really amazed me about Bistro 87. Albeit, the décor of the restaurant is simple, it still pulled off an elegant vibe. I highly recommend everyone to check out the Bistro 87, you will not be disappointed and hey, although it is cash only, the prices are reasonable, which is always a thing good thing for a student’s budget.

Bistro 87 Final Pic
Bistros 87 Restaurant on Metro Campus; Photo by Sarah Arafat
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