How to be Safe on Campus

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By Catherine Cesa

For students and employees who spend time on campus working or studying, feeling safe is a very important fact.  ”As an individual you should always be aware of your surroundings all the times”, said a female employee at Western Campus.

The Cuyahoga Community College Department of Campus Police and Security Service in all campuses is dedicated to protect life, property and to prevent and detect crime.

“Be aware of the locations of emergency phones. They are located outside in each parking lot, inside of blue boxes and they are located in every entrance on campus inside of yellow boxes”, said Daniel Haglaw, Corporal in the Police Department at Western Campus.

To report a fire, acts of violence or chemical spills dial the extension 4325 and to report a medical emergency dial 4911. The emergency numbers are operated 24 hours in 365 days of the year

”To be safe, walk in groups to everywhere and when you walk to your car, have your keys ready in hand”, said a Police Officer at the Western Campus. For the safety of everybody, Tri-C offers an Escort Service during school hours. To request this service dial 4325 and an officer or student patrol will arrive to escort you to your vehicle. In addition, there is a system of cameras at Western Campus which are located in general areas.

Tri-C offers A.L.I.C.E which is a program designed to increase your chances of surviving an active shooter or a violent event on campus. This program utilizes five key components; Alert, Lock-down, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.

The training sessions are offered by Campus Police and Security to Students, Faculty and Staff. For more information call 216-987-5027.

”ALICE training has been offered, and our security forces seem to be well trained, so I don’t think there is much more we can do”, said Professor Mary Hurst at the Western Campus.

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