Tuition Rewards Program

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The first Board of Trustees meeting of the Spring 2015 semester was held here at the Metro Campus. The meeting began with the swearing in of trustee member David Whitehead as the committee’s president where he replaced Victor Reeves. President Johnson then presented his president report. In his report, he discussed the First Year Experience program, The High School Rock Off, and the Tuition Rewards Program.

Many policies were approved at this board meeting; but, the Tuition Rewards Program was the most imperative policy for students at Tri-C. The Tuition Rewards program gives students the financial incentive to take more credit hours. Most students know that taking 12 credits per term makes you eligible for financial aid, but they are not aware that it does not guarantee that you will graduate on time. In President Johnson’s words “This program is part of an effort to change the perception of a full time student.” This program would allow qualifying students who take more than 12 credit hours to receive 50% of the tuition for each completed credit hour during a student’s fall or spring semester. At Tri-C’s tuition rate, if a student takes 15 credit hours he or she could receive $156.81 at the end of the semester. If they successfully passes all their classes, the student will receive their award in the following semester as long as the student is on a full-time class schedule.

Students willing to participate must sign a Tuition Rewards agreement before the start of the semester. This program is open to all students including new and transfer student however, students must have a 2.0 grade-point average to be considered. With approval from the Ohio Board of Regents the Tuition Rewards Program is schedule to start fall of the 2015 semester. For more information on this topic visit your campus’ financial aid or counseling office.

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