Career Center: Many Benefits for Students

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Kate Vodicka


By: Francesca Demming

The Career Center, conveniently located on the first floor in the East Student Services building, offers many resources to students. Between tuition, family, bills, and other expenses, students have a lot to handle. This is where the career center can come in to assist you in finding the perfect career. The career center offers workshops, recruiting events, and career coaching. You can set up an appointment to discuss careers that will match your strengths and weaknesses. Some of these free workshops include resume building, networking, and interview tips to help you land that perfect job. The career coaching is very helpful in finding a career to match your goals.

“A lot of students wait till the last minute to come in,” said Kate Vodicka, a Tri-C career coach. “When you get started in school you should start building your resume. We can help you look for internships early in your education so that you will be prepared for your career. A good amount of our students get placed in internships if they come through our program.”

Besides helping you edit and build your resume, the career center offers plenty of other programs, including career assessments, internship opportunities, and co-ops.  There is even an internship opportunity that gives students the chance to win a $500 scholarship; just stop into the career center to find out if you’re eligible.

Roland Sweet, the coordinator at the Career Center, also expressed the benefits of the program.

“The co-op goes on your transcript, but the internship does not,” he said. “With an internship you may or may not get paid, and the co-op can count as college credit. Also the career center has employers that come to the campus that are seriously looking to hire.”

The career center is committed to helping students achieve their goals in finding an enjoyable and successful career. Students should take advantage of the free resources provided to them by the career center.

“With co-ops and internships students need to start early in their education. A lot of times students come into the career center in their last semester, however they need to be an active student, so start looking for an internship early” Sweet said.

As you can see, the career center offers several resources to students who are looking to improve their resume, find a new job, or develop networking skills. Make sure you stop into the career center this month and register to attend a career event. To get more information on the career center you can visit

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