The Gateway Experience

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By Jessica Smith

Students, faculty, and Supporters of the Gateway to College program came together to celebrate the program’s top participants. The purpose of the Gateway to College program is to help youth who may be at risk of failing to graduate from high school. Upon completion, students will receive their high school diploma as well as college credit. Some of the most successful students may even graduate with their Associates degrees depending on the course load they take on.

“Gateway to College is good for the students because it takes them out of their traditional high school environment, it puts them into an environment where they can fit in better socially with peers and people their own age.  It also gives them an opportunity to earn dual high school credits at a 3:1 ratio.  Our program gives them a lot of support with tutoring and connections with different wrap around services, like the counseling department and all of these people that we work with from the different agencies to provide them with what they need to help them flourish.” Stated James Abrams, Lead Resource Specialist.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from the college’s President, Dr. Michael Schoop who gave the scholars words of wisdom on “What College Has Been” to him, for the next leg of their scholastic journey.

“Maybe tonight will be special because this was the moment that you found the place where you belong, or maybe you’re still looking. In the end what will make this night special is you. The choices you make, the opportunities you take, where you go and what you become when you get there.  To do that I’m going to offer you a few simple steps. Find your people. Find your passion and purpose.”

Also in attendance was Dr. Marc Aden, the Vice Principal of Promise Academy and Dr. JaNice Marshall the Associate Vice President of Access and Community Engagement at Cuyahoga Community College. Who also encouraged and inspired the students to commitment to excellence.

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