Election Day

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Student govenment offices are located in EEC Room 200 Photo by Matt Bemer
By: Matt Bemer
      Election Day By: Matt Bemer Eastern Campus Student Government elections will begin in April at the Eastern Campus Student Services building.
      Students can cast their vote for Student Government president, vice president and senate Monday, April 6 through Thursday, April 9 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the Student Services building on the first floor across from the Street Café.
      Elected students will hold the position for one academic year: June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016.
      Current Eastern Campus Student President Matthew Scott encouraged students to cast their vote to elect a new student government. “Voting gives you the opportunity to appoint those to power who truly have your best interest in mind,” Scott said. “Along with getting the job done correctly and efficiently, look for someone who represents your college well.”
      Students who wish to vote must present their student ID and sign in before they receive a ballot.
      According to Director of Student Life, Athletics and Recreation Rita McKinley, there are four students seeking the office of president, four students seeking the office of vice president and eight students seeking a senate seat. To qualify as a nominee, students submitted a nominating petition form with five signatures from other Tri-C students, nominating them for the office or offices they were seeking.
      “Each campus’ student government represents their respective student body, working with the issues and concerns that affect that particular campus,” McKinley said. “Student Government addresses academic standards, practices and services provided to students, and listens to students’ concerns to improve those standards, practices and services.”
      In addition to serving the students of Eastern Campus, the president and vice president serve on Tri-C’s joint student council, which is composed of each campus president and vice president. The council meets once a month to address issues that affect students college-wide.
      “As Student Government members, it is our job to bridge the gap between students and administration, as well as tend to the needs of the students as much as possible,” Scott said.
      Over the last academic year, the Eastern Campus Student Government has accomplished numerous tasks, according to Scott. The group’s most notable efforts include: advocating for the 2014 levy, changing the colors of Tri-C’s athlete’s uniforms and lobbying U.S. Congress members for the continued funding of the Pell Grant program and the payment of student loans through pre-tax dollars.
      The following four students are seeking the office of Eastern Campus president:
Monique Brower
Treyshaun Daniels
Joshua Konah
Phillip Kwiatkowski
      The following four students are seeking the office of Eastern Campus vice president:
Damion Boyd
Monique Brower
Treyshaun Daniels
Phillip Kwiatkowski
     The following eight students are seeking to fill six open seats on the Eastern Campus student senate:
Damion Boyd
Monique Brower
Treyshaun Daniels
Phillip Kwiatkowski
Nalleli Omelas
Robin O’Neal-LeFlore
Charmane Osborne
Lewis Phipps
      Nominees will be informed of the voting results on Monday, April 13, according to McKinley. Nominees with the most votes will be elected to serve that office for the 2015-16 academic year. A nominee can run for more than one office; however, he or she can only hold one title.
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