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By Angela Wolfe

Metro, Editor-in-Chief

The P.R.E.S.S. club, short for, Persistence, Retention, Excellence, Students, and Success, is a business club that flourishingly sponsored the first of its kind “Tri-C Community Entrepreneur Expo”.

The Press Club created a platform for student, faculty, and staff business owners to showcase their products and services by coordinating, marketing and setting up the expo. The crux of the function was to promote entrepreneurship by building clientele and networking.

“This exposure is an opportunity to motivate other business student to follow through with their goals.” Said faculty advisor, Professor Andrew Bajda. He also expressed the importance of supporting local businesses and our stimulating our local economy.

This first time around, vendors were prohibited to sell merchandise. But the experience gained in participating in a trade-show like atmosphere was a chance to expose the entrepreneurs to a different aspect of sales.

Vendors of the first Entrepreneur Expo. Photos by James Whitfield

Micheal Huges, Marketing Major, and Press Club President stated, “There are different stages to put out a business. We are preparing to embarking on a journey post-graduation and this experience will serve as a memorable takeaway for when we step into the real world.”

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