My Tri-C Card… Hidden Deals!

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By: Robin Defleice

Metro, Staff Writer

These days every single penny counts. With the cost of education being so high, students need all the financial help they can get. College books are extremely expensive, and buying school supplies is never ending. Transportation to and from school can take a bite out of a budget. Not to mention food and snacks everyday.

It’s just hard to save money!

What about a movie, clothes, cells phones, a computer and all the other thing students’ need; the list goes on and on. It’s always a money crunch; and students welcome help to save when and wherever possible.

Luckily, there are some places that offer exclusive deals for Tri-C students can go to get things at a discounted price, or even better – free, by simply using your “My Tri-C Card”.

First, let’s start with free. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum offers free admission to Tri-C students. However, ticketed events are not included.

Show your My Tri-C Card at Dave’s Supermarket on Tuesdays and receive a 5% off your total purchase. Reserve Square market also provides a 5% discount off food and medicine any day of the week.

The list of discounted restaurants and bakeries is near endless, and includes brand names such as: Subway, Auntie Annie’s, Chick-fil-A, Caribou Coffee, House of Blues, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, and Teresa’s pizza, just to name a few.

Clothing, jewelry, and household items are also discounted at Silvermans, Old Navy, kids Footlocker, and a few more places.

Sprint and Verizon offer some student perks for presenting your ID.

Need a place to stay, no problem, a number of local apartment complexes offer price reductions on rent and deposits.

Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon all have products and services with student discounts attached. These deals may require your student .edu email address.

There are many more places to save big using your My Tri-C Card, such as, Attorneys, Auto Repair, Barbershops, Beauty and Hair Salons, Business Services, Car Washes, Dry Cleaners, Electronics, Equipment Rental and Storage, Fitness, Florist, Golf, Health Care General-foot-optical, Hotels and Inns, Loans, Museums, Pet
Supplies and Services, Sports and Theaters.

For a full list, and all specific discounts, please visit the Discount Directory of Businesses Offerings and Discounts on the Tri-C Website, under My Tri-C Card discounts. Or, visit your campus Enrollment Center.

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