Students Jump into the Madness: C.A.B. March Madness Event

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Theresa Russo (left) and Gina Stupp (right) enjoy the big chair. Photo by Emily Donley

By Robby Fenbers

Campus Activities Board was at it again this March, as they brought students a taste of March Madness.

The annual March Madness event took place in the North Galleria on March, 18th. Students were able to enjoy large blow up inflatables, airbrush tattoos and a large blow up chair for fun photos. The event was put on by C.A.B. and Neon Entertainment who provided the inflatables, and airbrush tattoos.

The marquee attraction was the large basketball/jousting inflatable which brought out students’ best attempts at alley-oops and trick shots. Even members of C.A.B. jumped into the action in their referee shirts and whistles.

The blow up chair photos attracted a lot of students and even some faculty including Campus President Dr. Ron Liss, who took a break from his daily duties to take a photo.

C.A.B. Vice President Emily Donley thought the event was a huge success. “I thought it turned out really well, there were a lot of students that showed up,” said Donley. C.A.B. has been known to put on events that draw student’s attention and this event –because of its props– seems to always be a hit.

The event came at a time where students were just returning from Spring Break and that meant midterms were on the horizon. “I think it is really important for the students to get a break from the stresses of midterms and tests, I think this event was really geared towards that,” said Donley.

A student attempts a slam dunk inside the giant inflatable. Photo by Emily Donley

If you would like to join C.A.B. and be a part of events like this, Contact C.A.B. President Amanda Stack at

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