The Arts of Tri-C

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By Reginald Latten

By Reginald Latten Cuyahoga Community College has one of the best art programs available. The art program, which is held at the Eastern Campus, is very popular among students who wish to later attend the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Student John Williams, who is now studying at the Cleveland Institute of Art, knows what a tremendous difference Tri-C made in his work.

“The teachers taught me the different stokes of art,” he said. “Tri-C is where futures begin, I say to myself sometimes.”

Blake Cook, the director of the art program, explained what it takes for an art student to advance further down the path of becoming a successful artist.

“Students will be with top-notch instructors and professional artists to help them on their journey,” he said. “Classes here include art appreciation, drawing, printmaking and painting.”

The College Board of Excellence recognizes and celebrates schools that have implemented art programs that promote student learning and creativity in exemplary, innovative skills. Cuyahoga Community College offers a variety of courses for art that can help students along their path of becoming successful artists.

Brian Brichacek
Arts student, Brian Brichacek perfecting his piece.
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