Gorgeous Gardens of Tri-C

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B y Melanie Elli

Greg Malone, program coordinator of the Plant and Science and Landscape Technology Program
Student Kevin Melkerson, working on the plants in the garden.


There are many new groups and organizations that you are aware of when you first attend college. New students try many different things when they first enroll in college, such as meeting new people or joining clubs. One of the best places to go is the Tri-C Garden Center.

The garden center is where students who are involved in the Plant Science and Landscape Technology Program begin to develop their management skills for a career in retail gardening. The program also involves doing work within the greenhouse, online designing, construction and contrasting, and other skills that can help prepare students for a career in landscaping and plant science.

Plant Science and Landscape Technology Program Coordinator Greg Malone expressed what other work he would like to do within the garden center and what opportunities can come from being involved in the program.

“We’d like to expand the program and enlarge the greenhouse and other facilities for teaching in,” he said. “There are opportunities in landscape design, opportunities in estate gardening, opportunities in greenhouse growing. There are just a lot of great opportunities of working outside. You’re not stuck in a cubicle, so we’re real excited about the future of the industry.”

Brandon Hawkins, a student that is involved in the program, explained how the Tri-C program helped him begin his career path.

“I like working outdoors, and I was looking for a program that fitted that,” Hawkins said. “I found out that Tri-C Eastern was the only campus that offered it, so I enrolled in it and it’s been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.” Hawkins has also assisted in sales and contract designing during his time in the program to further establish his company.

Students interested in the program can visit the Tri-C Garden Center, located in EEC 16 at the EasternCampus.

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