Student Spotlight: Meet the Man Behind the Lens

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James Whitfield
Photo Provided By: James Whitfield

By: Angela Wolfe, Metro Editor-in-Chief

James “JP” Whitfield is Digital Video/Filmmaking student here at the Metro Campus.

He is also an up-and-coming Independent Videographer, Photographer, and aspiring Cinematographer from Cleveland Ohio. His wide array of work includes a plethora of music videos, Captivating photos, and collaboration on a short film.

JP has a passion that is fiery, and results in a constant need to feed his talent. His perspective for “the right shot” was developed at an early age, and has made him seasoned in his field. With his high level of technical skills, and desire to capture the moment, he creates vivid and intriguing work that turns spectatorsinto loyal followers.

When asked, what is the most challenging aspect of filming? JP replied, “Batteries Dying! But seriously though, I treat every obstacle as a blessing that will only strengthen my craft, because I learn something new from every shoot.”

To view his past work, and to support his rise to the top, you can follow his daily grind on all social media outlets.

INSTAGRAM: @jpfilms216 @jpfilmspromo @jameswhitfield_

FACEBOOK: James JP Films Focused

YOUTUBE: jpfilms216

TWITTER: @jpfilms216

VIMEO: jpfilms216

For booking information, he can be reached at

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