An Economic Revolution: The Relevance of Elections

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By Melanie Ellis


In the last 15 years, the signs that our economy is experiencing a heavy turmoil that is slowly deteriorating, have become even worse. It is no secret that our economy is experiencing a recession. With the constant increase in prices, such as gas and taxes, bankruptcy, losing a business or financial struggles, the economy continues to go down a very rough slope. So now it’s time that we as citizens of this country take a stand and to help make changes, but the question is, how?


Every year citizens gather during the time of elections, hoping that their opinions will be heard by voting for the person who they think can turn the country around. And even some of our students are making their voices heard. If you’d like to become one of those students, Mynetta Brower, the Unit Operations Specialist at Tri-C’s Eastern campus, gives instructions on how students can register to vote.


“The student can go to any student life office college wide and get the registration form to register to vote,” she said. “They can mail it in themselves to the board of elections, or they can return it to the student life office, and they can mail them.”


Assistant Professor Christopher Kinsella, a History teacher for the Tri-C Eastern Campus, explained why it is imperative for students to vote.


“Voting is the only way they can really express their interest and opinion on what’s important to them, depending on the candidates that are running for office on the platform,” he said.

Kinsella gave a very interesting perspective. He revealed that most Americans would like to see more honesty come from the candidates running for office, rather than them telling us what we want to hear until the time they get into office.


Diamond Wright, a Tri-C sophomore and criminal justice major, gave her thoughts on why it is essential for not just her, but everyone else in the economy to vote.

“It would be nice if we could get higher wages for anybody because I know it’s a real epidemic and to end poverty for people that are struggling,” she said. “So I think that would be a good thing for everybody.”

Diamond Wright (Elections)
Tri-C student Diamond Wright Photo by Melanie Ellis

Of course it is very important that everyone’s voices and opinions be heard, but it is even more important that we come together, and make a change to make the economy better and stronger than ever. If you’re someone who would like to be registered to vote and make a difference, visit the Student Life office in EMHC 118 today.

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