Against: Issue 3: Ohio’s Fight for Legalization

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By Anthony Travagliante


Vote No

In November issue 3, the legalization of marijuana, will hit the ballot. Marijuana is one of the up and coming topics of today. From the republican nation debate to you every day person, everyone is talking about Marijuana, but is it the right choice?

Statistically speaking marijuana is doing wonderful things. It been used to treat a wide range of things from (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, epilepsy, even curing cancer and has pulled in more tax money than alcohol in Colorado. But the real question on everyone’s mind is how will it be handled. In typical states, one can apply for the license to become a grower and acquire patients or open a store, but that’s not the case in Ohio.

Ohio wishes to allow growing, cultivation, and extraction to only 10 predetermined areas in 10 different county’s, only allowing more cultivation after four years if demands ask. As far as the distribution, 1,110 stores will be open and you must apply for a license, which must be personally approved by the electors of the precinct. So this poses the question, is the monopoly man pulling the strings?

There is much good in marijuana but there is also a lot of bad. Street crime, access to children and the unknowing of where you medicine is coming from. This proposed bill solves none of these concerns. If the companies are all about the money, they don’t care if children get their hands on marijuana products. Also what’s stopping the neighborhood drug dealer from going into the dispensaries and buying up product to sell? If Issue 3 passes marijuana prices will skyrocket, thus ultimately making the government more money.

Another concern is the quality of the privately invested marijuana crop. With mass production being the name and gain of this bill, will smokers be subjected to harmful cannabis? There are already talks of genetically modified marijuana for faster growth, and there is nothing stated in the bill detailing the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. If they use it on our food, why wouldn’t they with marijuana?


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