For: Issue 3: Ohio’s Fight for Legalization

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By Litho Freeman


Vote Yes

On November 3rd, 2015 Ohioans will have the decision to vote in or out the legalization of marijuana. If Issue 3 passes, Ohio will become the fifth state to allow medical and recreational marijuana use.

Marijuana use has been rising since 2007 and is now the most used illegal drug in America. With social acceptance of the “drug” on the raise, doesn’t it make sense to conform the law to modern times?

In a huge campaign, Responsible Ohio has raised more than $36 million dollars to push the initiative of legalized marijuana to the ballots. On the group’s official Issue 3 website, “”, they state, “The War on Drugs has failed, it’s wasted countless taxpayer dollars and ruined even more precious lives.”

If Issue 3 is passed, the Ohio courts will expunge any non-violent marijuana related crimes and allow those convicted of a clean slate under the Fresh Start Act. This means that all the “criminals” who were charged with marijuana related crimes could have a second chance and a better opportunity to obtain a job.

With marijuana becoming legal in the state, marijuana related street crimes would also decrease. No longer will the marijuana user have to wonder the streets and buy unregulated product. Responsible Ohio states that legalizing marijuana will take away the “street dealer” who puts our communities at risk, thus making our neighborhoods safer.

The proposed law would allow adults, 21 and older to purchase and consume marijuana without worry of law enforcement and also allow residents to grow up to four flowering plants at a time, as long as they are obscured from public view. The commercial marijuana grown for storefronts would be grown at ten different cultivation facilities owned by a number of wealthy investor from around the state.

If Issue 3 passes Ohio will deduct they’re lost in taxpayer’s money through “the War on Drugs” and begin gaining money through marijuana taxes. With states like Colorado raking in over $184 million dollars in marijuana sales, one has to believe that Ohio lawmakers are looking forward to the economic growth that the potential pot sales could produce.

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